Wesak is the major Buddhist festival of the year. It is the celebration of Gautama Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and ascension into nirvana. This yearly celebration of the Wesak Festival is celebrated when the sun is in Taurus and it is a full moon, usually during the month of May.

The day is consecrated to devotional ceremonies, prayers, mantras and the performance of kind deeds in memory of Buddha’s compassion.

The high and holy celebration of Wesak takes place in a hidden valley high on the northern slope of the Himalayas. It is a secret place that local people know about. They begin gathering in this valley long before the celebration and camp out waiting for the coming of Buddha.

You can Be at This Buddhist Celebration

You can give a short ritual and be in attendance in your finer body during this celebration of Buddha. It is a good idea to be asleep when the full moon occurs until about one hour afterwards. You can also meditate during this time making your attunement with Buddha.

During the celebration of Wesak, Gautama Buddha addresses disciples on several planes of being. His radiation is anchored in the world of form through his Electronic Presence, his Ascended Master Light Body. All of life receives his blessings, including angels, elementals and people who are pursuing the path of individual Christhood and Buddhahood.

“…The spherical consciousness of the mind of the Buddha is delivered simultaneously to all life on earth and to each disciple according to his evolution and to his understanding.

You are a Buddha in the Making

Within you is the Buddha Seed. Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives a meditation on the heart of Gautama Buddha and teachings on becoming the Buddha. You only have to call to him and Buddha will be with you. Any of you can attain your Buddhahood.

Washing the Buddha – A Holy Ritual

Part of the celebration of Wesak includes the ritual of washing Buddha. During your celebration of Wesak is the time to perform the ritual of washing of the Buddha. If you have something small to offer him – a flower – he looks kindly on that.

First, you stand in front of Buddha and make an inner attunement with him. Then you take the ladle and pour a gentle stream of water over his head as you make a prayer for whatever you would like to have happen in your life.

Ask Lord Gautama to help you transform your lower nature into your Buddha nature:
Call to Buddha to be present, to enter your heart and dwell there as you give your love to him. Ask Lord Gautama to help you transcend your lower nature so the higher nature of God can descend into your temple.
Call for the protection of all souls who are to achieve enlightenment and attain union with God.

As we wash him, he blesses us in return with a washing away of ‘what needs to go’ from our life. This might include unhappy emotions or burdens of any kind. It feels like an invisible stream of water gently flowing over you as you are pouring water over him, the Lord of the World.

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