I had a vision.
It was as though I stood on the side of a mountain looking out over a vast sea of people who are lost
in confusion, in darkness and unknowing. . .

People are Lost because
the one key to spiritual awakening
is not taught
in the churches or anywhere
you might gather to explore your inner life…

The lost key is
how to use the spoken word as spiritual power
how to understand the strength, the wisdom, the love you can Be when you align your energy with
the Love, the Wisdom, and the Power of God.

You do this when you use words with spiritual power.

I saw what it could be like when
the majority of the people of Light
take up the SWORD of Light in
the science of the spoken word and
begin to use it in their life.

O, you who search for a higher way
who look for answers to the conundrum of life,
there are keys to divinity,
keys to your wholeness and
to your integration with higher purpose.

Lost Key to Spiritual Awakening

And the greatest key,
the most extraordinary gift we have been given is
the gift of the spoken word.
This is using speech for its divine purpose,
to align your energies with God,
to put on the whole armor of God.

The science of the spoken word has a purpose.
Its purpose is to recreate you in
the light, energy and love of God.

When you speak sacred words –
for this is the hidden meaning of the word
SWORD in the bible –
it means Sacred Word.

When you speak with sacred words – key word power – using the sword of truth
you begin the process of setting aside &
transforming all you have misused of
the pure energy of God and
discovering and uncovering,
becoming the real you,
the hidden man/woman of the heart.

The one who hides in your heart
is your Higher Self, your Real Self,
your Holy Christ Self,
the one you are meant to become and to be.

How does this work in you?
How is it you can be more and more of God?
For you to integrate here are 3 things for you to practice:

The keys to integration in God are:

  • the science of harmony,
  • the science of energy flow and
  • the science of the spoken word.

The single most powerful force in the universe is
the use of the Word as energy.
This is the Science of the Spoken Word and
its power is through giving decrees.

When you send words into cosmos as decrees, as energy, you change your world.

Decrees are of the Holy Spirit

Give yourself to the decree,
to the saying of the words as energy.
See yourself as a funnel of light and energy.
Words go forth from your mouth and
into cosmos as light energy.

When you focus, concentrate and engage in
this intense meditation,
you can literally bring anything into manifestation.

This is powerful meditation because

  1. You are using your voice, the center for spiritual power,

2. you are using sacred words in the giving of decrees

3. you focus your attention.

When you practice this ritual,
you employ influential meditation.

You are using your chakras and your life-force
to change energy until
your energy is aligned with the energy of God.

When you transport yourself into the matrix of the decree, you put on more and more of the energy of God. You lay down your human self like a garment.
You go before your altar and you transform yourself.

All Life Receives God’s Flow of Energy

You receive a continuous stream of energy from God.
It is your free will choice what imprint you make on this energy.

You command God’s energy using
the Science of the Spoken Word.

  • What is this science?
  • It is learning how to send your words out into cosmos as pure, light energy.
  • It is using the word as sacred power to change things on earth.
  • It is “fohatic emanations of the Eternal Logos.” (Djwal Kul, Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura).

The spoken Word is key.
This is the missing key of your spiritual path, in your spiritual practice.

The process of sealing light in the physical atoms of
your body and increasing light on the planet
can be accomplished only by the decree of the Word.

This is the spoken Word,
spoken with the authority of the I AM name,
the name of God.

When you speak with authority
in the name of the I AM Presence,
all your meditation and
all your visualization becomes physical
through your spoken decree.
By your exercise of free will
it is God’s divine plan for you
to precipitate all the light and higher consciousness
you receive from God.

It is God’s will you draw into the physical plane
all you need to fulfill your divine plan.

This is the God-intended goal for your life.

Spiritual Experiences Through Using Sound

The creative power of sound is
the heart of all spiritual traditions,
both East and West.

Down through the ages,
mystics and healers have demonstrated
the benefits of repetitive prayer
to access exalted states of consciousness,
higher consciousness.

When you engage in repetitive sound,
you tap into an infinite source of power
to restore peace and harmony to your world.

How to Harmonize any Group

The mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is
the most well known Buddhist mantra.
It means ‘The Jewel in the Lotus.’

The OM raises you into higher consciousness.
When you are in a group, repeating the OM will harmonize the energy of the entire group.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches the inner power of the OM. She says:

“When you give AUM, it is the call of the heart.

It is as though your heart were a flute and
the tone was sounding from your heart flame and
passing through the throat chakra.
It is a funnel of energy that never stops.

It goes from the planet and
passes through all the universes unknown.
It is your sending. It is your aura.

You are imprinting upon a universe the name of God,
the Sat Nam, the sacred name,
with your own particular individualization of that name.

All that you are, all of your joy,
all of your attainment goes forth on that tone.
Every AUM is heard individually.
Every AUM brings joy to the angels and the elementals. Every AUM is ascending to every Master of the Great White Brotherhood,
every unascended master of the Himalayas.
It reaches their hearts, passes through them, and
there is an acknowledgment,
a bowing of the head in mutual oneness,
in mutual reverence for the common light.   

When you say AUM,
you are one with every part of God
who is in the center of the AUM.
It is the ultimate expression of the love of
the Great White Brotherhood.   

Feel that portion of yourself go out and contact God now in every part of life at the point of the pitch of the AUM.

In those who have no awareness of God,
it will be in the Sun behind the sun,
in the secret chamber of the heart where
the hidden man of the heart has not even
been revealed to the outer mind.
Yet you are already one with that potential avatar.   

Isn’t it thrilling?  
How can we go through a day and not
say an AUM once just for that splendid experience?  
And yet, I am sure we all forget,
do other decrees, and don’t say an AUM.   


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