16 Petals Throat Chakra

As I woke this morning, I was thinking about
how much could change
if people all over the world would take up
the science of the spoken word.

Let me begin by saying I am a scientist.
My first profession was as a Naturopathic Doctor,
a doctor of natural medicine.
I earned my doctorate and spent more than
20 years in this profession.
I worked to figure out what was happening with
the people who came to me
for help solving their physical problems.
That was how I initially expressed my love of science.
I love people and I loved helping you feel better.

However, my real love is
the science of the Spirit.
I love exploring what it is that makes us ‘tick.’
Why does someone gets this health issue or
why do they respond in a certain way to a certain situation –
what is it that makes you tick,
why you act and react in particular ways
to your life experiences.
This is what I mean by the science of the spirit.
How do you express your inner life, your inner spirit?
You express it in your words, your actions, your thoughts.

Personally, I have been exploring this my entire life.
I am shown things about myself regularly.
Attitudes and beliefs which impact me and which
I must correct.
I am shown records which need
to be changed and transmuted.
I have been given inner understandings,
both positive and negative.
These revelations come as
I ponder things in my heart and
I meditate on what I can improve.

This morning, I saw a vision as though
looking out over the distance
from the side of a mountain.
I saw clearly how everyone could
change their life for the better,
how you could feel better,
how you could handle your life better
by making one small change in your life.

And that change is how you speak,
how you use the spoken word.
When you learn about this science,
the science of the spoken word,
you can use it to totally change and improve your life.

It is possible for you to totally re-align
your inner and outer being when
you start using words for their true purpose,
when you begin to speak with the power of the Word.

There are so many people who talk, talk, talk and
never say much.
They speak to and from the surface,
never exploring deeper issues of life.
These people use words,
expending a lot of energy, but
it is all surface energy.

(People who talk incessantly are actually
misusing and wasting energy and
probably do not do much else in their life.)

The real purpose of words is
to change the world,
to change your world.

Think about it.
Words created our world.
God SAID “Let there be Light.”
And there was Light…

That is the Power of the Word. You have that power, too. When you claim it and
when you use words for their true intention,
to change energy from bad energy to good energy.
To change negative energy into positive light,
to give energy a positive spin and change it.

There is so much bad energy everywhere.
You see it and know it.
Every movie, TV program,
throughout the media,
many books and conversations on the internet…

People are burdened by danger,
the myriad expressions of hate…
People are burdened by all of this and more…

This one little practice when/if you choose
to make use of it can truly change your life.

You can get relief from whatever your burdens might be. You can begin to change your energy and
become more light…

You can draw down the light of God.
If God began by creating Light,
doesn’t it make sense that is
what we are intended to be,
the Light of God?

Science is beginning to join forces with the Spirit
as certain branches in science are showing
you are energy…
you are light…

It is your separation and
sense of separation from the greatest love,
the love of God.
This is the cause behind all
the darkness over earth,
all the ways people are expressing their burdens.

Because you forgot or
you choose to separate out from
your awareness of the presence of God in your life,
you become vulnerable to any kind of darkness,
which so easily besets you…

There is no one on earth who is not beset by challenges.
We are here on earth because of karma
which manifests as all the challenges we face.

You can choose to turn around and
turn your life around
when you begin this simple daily practice of
the science of the spoken word.

The spoken word is the sacred word and
it is your SWORD (spoken/sacred word)
to cut through and change anything.
There are sacred words, swords to increase love in your life,
there are spoken words, swords to increase power and protection in your life,
there are words, swords to increase wisdom in your life.

Do you want to change?
Are you ready to change?
Then you can choose
to take up this amazing, loving,
powerful sword of the spirit and
begin to use the science of the spoken word in your life.
You can begin to be the warrior of the spirit you are intended to become
when you actively use this practice in your life.

Let us say together:
“I AM a Being of violet fire,
I AM the Purity God desires.”

Repeat this little mantra or decree
as many times as you like.
You can begin to feel the energy change as
the action of the violet flame begins
its miracle process to whirl and dance and
change negative energy into positive energy.

When you hear the violet flame within your mind
as you go throughout your day,
then you will know you have a good momentum.
When this is true,
the violet flame is changing your world and
anything is possible. . .

Begin giving any mantra or decree slowly.
Speed it up as you are comfortable.
The violet flame is the gift to change your world and
to change you.

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