Today is February 26, which is our church celebration of the ascension of Mark Prophet, our first messenger and the one who began this blessed organization of the Summit Lighthouse. Today is a brief overview about the messengers the Prophets, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare. Their legacy is life changing, the work they did continues to transform you and the world.

Mark Prophet began The Summit Lighthouse in 1958. He was trained by the ascended master, El Morya. When his (future) wife, Elizabeth Clare came along a few years later, Mark was mentor to her. Theirs is a wonderful story of the love and journey of twin flames. They served together for twelve years during this, the final lifetime for both of them.

Why Do We Need Messengers?

The entire purpose of Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet was to set down the message to the Lightbearers for the next 2,000 year cycle, the Aquarian age. They came to witness you are to be a Son, a Daughter of God, one with your Holy Christ Self. By example and by teachings, these two bore witness we are all meant to put on our Christhood and become one with God.

You are intended to win your ascension, to gain your victory and ascend from the schoolroom earth, as an Ascended Master. Earth is a school and it is time for all of us to graduate!

What a message these two set down. For over 40 years they wrote, dictated, transcribed the words and love of the ascended masters in a way never seen before. They were called Messengers and that simple word describes the task they fulfilled so wonderfully.

Mark Prophet passed on in 1970 and ascended. Then we were blessed to continue to hear from him as the ascended master Lanello. Because anyone can listen to his words, sermons, fireside chats, and you can hear his dictations through his Twin Flame, Elizabeth, you get a wonderful sense of this man of God.

Mother is what we called Elizabeth Clare Prophet when she was in embodiment. We called her Mother in the same way a Priest is called Father. Now we call her Guru Ma. We know she too has ascended and serves us as an Ascended Lady Master.

The ascended masters are elder brothers and sisters who help us on the path of life. An Ascended Master is someone like you or me who has completed their assignment on earth and returned to God through the resurrection and the ascension.

The Messenger Mark Prophet

…was an only child, born Christmas Eve 1918 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

As a child his mystical inclinations included seeing and communing with angels and nature spirits. When he was nine his father died and it affected him deeply.

Mark prayed by the hour at the altar he built in the attic of his home and showed an extraordinary religious devotion. Before finishing high school he had received all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.

When he was a young man the ascended master El Morya appeared to him. But Mark was unable to reconcile this turbaned Eastern adept with his lifelong devotion to Jesus, so he dismissed him.

Years later, El Morya returned. Having realized the path of the ascended masters was also the path of Jesus, Mark accepted Morya as his teacher.

Magnanimous Heart of Lanello

Elizabeth Clare Prophet talks about her husband, Mark Prophet, saying:
“What is Mark’s secret?

It is his love for all people. Because, on contact he was acquainted with their innermost being.

Mark had a magnanimous heart. He reached out to touch and heal all whom he met through the transfer of light from his heart to theirs.

He read their hearts. He knew their pain. He gave comfort to the meek and wisdom to those who could hear it. Mark was and is “a man for all seasons.”

Let this mystic of mystics quietly enter your heart, take you by the hand and lead you to the secret chamber of your heart.

He will open the door and reveal to you the eternal flame your Maker sealed in that chamber. And he will tell you that that flame is your flame of immortality that you must tend daily with your own special prayers.

Mark Prophet is a servant of God and of the God who lives within you. At the conclusion of his final sojourn on earth, he attained union with God and became one with the immortals.

If you walk with him a mile or two, he will teach you and love you until the hour of your soul’s fulfillment.
Try him. Test him. You will find him to be one of your best friends on earth and in heaven.”

And that is Mrs. Prophet’s testimony about her husband.

My Early Encounter with the Ascended Master Lanello

Here is a story of one encounter with the ascended master Lanello (this took place years after he ascended):

I had just found the teachings only one week earlier and attended my first church service while still in California. After returning home to Oregon I had a dream. In my dream Mark Prophet came driving up, arriving in a convertible with the top down… As I relayed this dream to a fellow student on the path, I was told Mark Prophet loved to drive…I was so very happy hearing this. Mark Prophet came to pick me up – he must have already known me…


These two, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet were the messengers of God, the servants of God and of you and me. These messengers were the example. They presented keys to the path and set down the teaching to help you and me find our way back to God.

Every week you can hear a new teaching from Mark Prophet given as a Sunday lecture on the website. If you go to the website you will find a link to this teaching.

As the Ascended master Lanello, a book was dictated and recorded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Its title is: Cosmic Consciousness – as the Highest Expression of Heart. This book is filled with advice. It contains jewels of wisdom from a newly ascended master to guide those on the path. You can find it on Amazon or in the bookstore on the website

Next, we will return to the unfolding of the powerful use of the Word as decrees. It is because of these beloved messengers we have an abundance of teachings on the sacred spoken word, its power and uses.

Have you given a decree today? Try it and watch your world improve…

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