The Powerful Energy of Sound: Using Spoken Affirmations to Create, Heal and Transform

Greetings and Welcome to this dynamic world of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. I am so happy you are here in our world.

We are going to explore the missing key to higher consciousness – how to use the power of sound as the spoken word.

I will begin with an opening prayer using this key to the science of the spoken word.

In the name of the Beloved I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of all present, I call to the beloved archangels, ascended masters, legions and hosts of the Lord, to overshadow us and to enlighten us. Show us how to use the creative power of sound. Help us transform our consciousness and our life using this key to higher consciousness. Help us become one with the Divine. Help us understand what we need to know about using the Science of the Spoken Word. Help us accelerate and pull down more of God’s light in our life. We thank you and accept it done according to God’s Holy Will. Amen.

The most powerful force in the universe for change of yourself and of the world is something we all use daily,
yet most of us have no idea how to use this key to higher consciousness as it is intended,
as a spiritual science.

It is the science of the spoken word.
This is a science with laws and formulas,
just like all science.

And you can experiment with it.
Pretend your laboratory where you preform experiments is your life.

A worthy project you can work on is yourself!

Think of one thing about yourself you would like to change.
What is it that you think about every day which you would like to change?
What is something which is burdening you, or is constantly on your mind?
Write it down.

Then, during any practice or experiment, put your attention on that one thing.
SEE it change into a positive quality.

When you take this positive action, it becomes your personal alchemy because
you are actively engaging in changing your self.

This is one way you take positive action for change.


A Series of Teachings on Sound from The Spiritual Quest

  1. Missing Key to Higher Consciousness
  2. Discoveries: Sound’s Impact on Life
  3. Key Principles of the Missing Secret to Higher Consciousness
  4. Begin to Experiment with Sound Using Decrees ?as Affirmations to Create, Heal and Transform

You are the arbiter of your destiny.
If you knew there is a way to change your karma, would you use it?

You are the one who uses this information in the laboratory of your life…

The SPOKEN WORD is the Missing Key to Creation

What is this Missing Key?
It is how to use the science of the Spoken Word.

So, everyone knows what prayer is.
Prayer is the form of conversation with God when you talk one on one with God. Usually there is a request, an appeal for change. You frequently talk with Him in prayer because you are burdened about something and you want it to change.

Meditation is going within to your inner light. During meditation, you are raising your consciousness up to behold God.

There’s a third form of communication, called the command.
This is commanding the energy of God using the Holy Spirit.
In the book of Isaiah, he gives us keys when he says, “Thus saith the LORD, the Holy One of Israel and his Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons.”
That is prayer: asking.

Command Ye Me

And then Isaiah said,
“And concerning the work of my hands, command ye me.” (Is. 45.11)
“I am given orders about the work I do.” (Jerusalem Bible).

God is giving us a direction:
you must command him,
you must give him orders, if you want to affect the work of his hands.

“The work of his hands” is God’s creation, All of Matter cosmos which includes us. All of life is the flow of energy from God.

So, when you understand this science of the command, you are able to literally command God’s energy using the Science of the Spoken Word.
This is WHY the spoken Word is the missing key.

This science of the command is used ?when you give the powerful affirmations called decrees.

Decrees access the power of God inside of you.
Decrees use the spoken word to effect change in yourself and in the world.
Decrees are specific prayers for change spoke aloud.

When you speak with authority in the name of the “I AM” Presence, your meditations and visualizations become physical through your spoken decrees.

How God Created the World

Let’s go into some background to this science. We take our information from the beginning lines of the bible.

According to the Book of Genesis, God created the world saying:
“Let there be Light.”

By this powerful fiat all things were formed.

The sounding of the Word is how the world was created by God. It is how he created us. And He endowed us with the same creative power.

Everything comes from Light, spiritual Light. Life cannot endure without spiritual Light.

Light is energy and sound is energy.

We have the power of the Word. We sound the Word and unlock its secret power. And there is no better time than NOW to use God’s power.

Let’s see what happens when we give God’s original, creative fiat, “Let there be Light!”

Let’s begin experimenting with this amazing science as we Give together
“Let there be Light”
out loud as a fiat several times.
(A fiat is a short powerful mantra).

Together: “Let there be Light!” (repeat this out loud 3-7x).

What just happened?
Did the light bulbs go on? No.
Did we release energy? Yes.
Did we release light? Yes.
Did something change? Yes.
If you can feel it after you spoke the words aloud, the atmosphere in your room should feel different.
Can you feel it?

You have just exercised the power of the Word, the creative force behind our entire universe!

Next we discuss one of my favorites –
the Scientific Discoveries of Sound’s Impact on Life

Scientists have uncovered some of the secrets of sound…

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