Path to God
Path to Return You to God

WHAT is the path –
it is a path to return you to God, a path back home.

WHO might be interested?
Spiritual seekers, wisdom learners,
change creators, empaths,
introverts and mystics
(anyone really) could all benefit
following this path.

WHY would you be interested?
Because you want change, a sense of purpose,
clarity and direction;
because one of your deep desires is
to change the world and to help others…

HOW does the Path to God Work?

What is the key practice on this path?
“After generations and lifetimes of silence,
now you can Roar with the Word of God.”
(paraphrased from ascended master Djwal Kul).
Now is the time to fill the Universe with
the Power of Sound and its Science.
You work the change to your inner and outer World using
the power of the Word.
You can learn how to be a spiritual warrior.

A Speaker at a High School Commencement asked his listeners: “Will you explore and develop your spiritual identity
throughout your life?
Or do you wait for illness or old age to force you
to take a crash course?
The choice is yours…”
(adapted from Reader’s Digest, Jan. 2019).

This is Your Inner Life Path

We all have an inner life and an outer life.
It is the outer life which is the focus in this western culture.
Much of your outer life could be mundane and
consist of many activities which are repeated
more or less consistently.
Because of this, you might want to escape
from time to time.
In this western culture, the methods of
changing your sense of reality,
the methods of escape
typically are not healthy,
do not necessarily induce
real change or growth or even escape.
Things like affairs, alcohol, drugs, loud music
all of these can create karmic situations
which you eventually will have to clean up and correct.

The inner life is not taught and
it is not emphasized in our western culture.
Although there has been a recent increased interest
in meditation, yoga and other practices,
I suspect there is not a
deeper understanding of
how to use these practices
to grow, to become one with God.
That was the original intent of these practices and
in this western culture,
God has become an anathema and
a topic to be avoided.

Your Call to Adventure. . .

It is your pursuit of your inner life
which can be a true adventure.
It will be the most challenging and
the most rewarding.
Others may not notice or acknowledge what you have gone through, what you are going through,
but does that really matter?

You are the one who sees what needs to change,
you are the one to work the change in yourself.

The path is very like a marriage.
When you first set your feet on the path
there is a honeymoon phase,
with joy and excitement and wonder.
Then the real work begins.
This is when you must be willing to
do what it takes
to work real change in yourself.
You must be willing
to wrestle with your inner being so
you will grow and change and become the best you.

Take Time and Determine to Change

Because this takes time and takes determination,
over the years I have seen so many people
leave and fall by the wayside.
I do not know why I have lasted and
have continued so many years.
Perhaps it is because I know for me,
there is nothing else out there.

I was once told I would never find a single religion or
a total practice because I loved them all.
How true. I do love all spiritual paths.

There are many paths to serve people.
But there is only one path to follow which is
overshadowed and taught by the Ascended Masters.
This is the path as set down by the Messengers,
Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
who were messengers for the Great White Brotherhood.
The path is the teachings of the ascended masters through
The Summit Lighthouse which has an actual
physical location in Corwin Springs, MT.

You Change Yourself with a little Help from Your Friends, the Ascended Masters. . .

The Great White Brotherhood is the array of masters
who have graduated from earth,
they lived, they loved, they learned,
they balanced all their karma and fulfilled their purpose and
then they ascended back to God.
Now they continue their work,
part of which is to help us who remain here on earth and
who still have to pass our tests.

The Ascended Masters are
your best friends and your truest teachers.
Because they have access to the consciousness of God
they know you better than you know yourself.
They will take you by the hand and
help you in any and all areas where you need assistance.
Their love for you is complete and it is unconditional love.
They work with you as long as you are willing to work.

What is this Path to God?

The path to God is to put on your Real Self.
What does that mean?
What is the purpose of life?
Isn’t it to figure out why you are here.
What is your purpose,
the thing you agreed to do,
the thing you must do so you can return home to God.

Do you really want to continue to have to embody on this earth?
It seems like the challenges we face on this planet
continue to get worse and
good answers about
how to create real improvements are hard to find.

One answer is to learn how to put on your Christhood,
to become so like Christ that
you really do become the best you can be.
For real change to happen,
change has to begin with yourself.
You cannot expect change in the outer world
when you continue to have ‘warring in your members.’

The Greatest Gift You can Give

It was Lao Tzu who put it like this:

“If you want to awaken all of humanity,
then awaken all of yourself.
If you want to eliminate suffering in the world,
then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is
that of your own self-transformation.”

That is the Path.
It is the work you can do to achieve
your personal transformation into
your Highest Self and return home to God.

The path occurs in the ordinary world as you live your life.
It is an adventure of your self and your willingness
to change into your Higher Self.
You will encounter great teachers in the ascended masters.
You will encounter enemies both
internal as the parts of you to overcome and
external enemies as all that which opposes
your return to a path of light and love.
There will be challenges, tests and initiations.
If you are victorious, you win your ascension.
This path returns you to God as a God-free being.

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