How many of you keep a spiritual journey journal?
Do you write in it regularly,
or does life get in the way of
jotting down your daily or weekly adventures?

Here’s an idea-
remind yourself to write down
to journal
your spiritual journey adventures.
When you ask a question of the Universe
and you hear an immediate reply. . .
Write that down.

Start a journal about the victories, the experiences,
the adventures on your spiritual path. . .
You will forget
So having a record is a good thing. . .

You can go back and re-read
When things are tough
When you have to deal with dark energies

Read about the times when you acted in a Christ like way
When you manifested some portion of your higher consciousness. . .

Keep a Journal about Victories on Your Spiritual Path

How did the flower of your Christ consciousness appear today?
What happened
What did you learn
Leave a record for yourself. . .

Open a document and begin. . .

TITLE it: “My Christhood”

Our beloved ever-present Guru,
the Ascended Master Lanello, instructs us
how, what, where and why
to keep a diary,
to keep a journal:

“And so I say, count the experiences that you have been through as
the past that is prologue;
and now write the chapter,

Chapter One on the book of “My Christhood.”

1. “Keep a diary that is called “My Christhood,” and
2. write down each day how the flower of the Christ is appearing in your life.
3. And when you know you have done an act in the Consciousness of the Christ,
4. write it down and leave the record for yourself, so that
5. in those hours of darkness and moments of
trial when you forget and
cannot remember one good thing
you have ever done
because the devils are tormenting you with their lies,
6. then read in the book of “My Christhood” of
7. how you have vanquished error and how you have overcome.”
Lanello. (1973). Pearls of Wisdom, V16N32.

Mark L. Prophet, the Ascended Master Lanello

Goal of this exercise:

To Keep a Record of Your Victories on Your Spiritual Journey. . .

When tests, trials and tribulations beset you
It is good to have a written record of
When you have had a victory in the consciousness of the Christ
You can read and remind yourself

You are an Overcomer.

pursue excellence; spiritual journey

Chela on the Path

You can pass your tests and continue on.
You will grow and become
more of your Real Self as
you overcome human emotions and energies.

How did the flower of the Christ appear in your life today?
What did you do today in the consciousness of your Higher Self,
In the consciousness of the Christ?
Write these things down.

Write down the questions,
the hard, difficult and deep questions. . .
That you ponder
That you want answers for. . .

You will find
Answers to those questions.
Sometimes the answers come
As a flash of lightning. . .
As a spark of inspiration
As an inner knowing and understanding
You didn’t have the moment before. . .

Trust these answers. . .
Look and listen
For these kinds of answers

They come from your Higher Self
These answers are real
They are timely
They are true.

Trust these answers.

Then write down this kind of experience
So you have a reminder later
When things are rough and tough.

As you have read, the devils will torment you
They are good at finding your weakest links
Your weak spots
And hounding you and tempting you
And treating you like a child
One who will react to the temptation and
Fall again. . .

You are an overcomer. . .
You can overcome every test

Until you are found one day
One with your Christhood. . .
One in Christ. . .

This is the great truth
From the orthodox churches of the world
The denial of your Higher Self
And how you can be one with your Higher Self
And walk a path of self-mastery. . .

This takes time
This takes being willing to
Make right decisions. . .

So keep your journal
Ponder things in your heart. . .
Trust in higher truth
Trust in inner wisdom
Trust in the Love of God

For you are loved
You are a child of God
You are a son or a daughter of God

As a child, a son or a daughter of God
You are loved
And you can learn how to live up to
This high calling of Christ in you
is The Hope of Glory
As Saint Paul said. (Col. 1:27).

This sacred key
That Christ is in you
That you can be and
Become the Christ
Is the Truth removed
From Orthodoxy. . .

Can you imagine
Can you understand
How different the world could be
When everyone understands
They can be the Christ
They are expected to be the Christ. . .

This is a key of Love

This is the Key of Love, Christ in you Is Love

Christ in you
Is the Son, the Daughter of God
Is the hope of your world.

Daily you can pull down
You can put on
The Mantle of Christhood.

Jesus showed us the Way
He is the greatest teacher
Who showed us all
What it means to be the Christ.

He knew how his teaching of this understanding
Would be denied
Would be removed
And the little ones of God
Would never know this truth

Until the time of its revelation
And its re-emergence as the Truth
We are all intended to fulfill.

Will you choose this day
To begin the Path
To begin to put on your Christhood
To begin to put on your Mantle of Christ.

You can make that choice. . .
There will come a time
When you have to choose
Which path you will follow

Will you follow the Path all the way back to God
Or not. . .
It is up to you. . .

Begin your journal today

Begin Journaling Victories Today

See what an adventure you life is
When you begin to record
Your victories in Christ
Big victories
Little victories
They all count. . .

Open the document
“My Christhood”
And start. . .

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