If you follow a spiritual path,
then you need to pursue therapy, psychological wholeness and healing as
a prerequisite to receiving the Holy Spirit.

Saint Germain said:
“Thus I ask you to determine all factors in your life and what are those repetitive manifestations, repetitive ad nauseam for you and for me that keep coming up again and again. Analyze them. Deal with them. Be done with them.
See them for what they are.

“Know your greatest weakness and overcome by your greatest strength and press on.

Do not fail your tests, beloved. Some fail those tests in pride, in anger, unwittingly.

“How can anyone be unwitting? You must be full of the wit of Saint Germain.
You must be full of the mockery of the human consciousness, even the human consciousness of yourself.
You must make light of it but be stern enough to cast it out and be done with it.”
(Saint Germain. (1994). Pearls of Wisdom, V37N20.)

Psychological Wholeness – Be Willing to Travel through the Underworld

Gautama Buddha explains working on our psychology is no longer an option; it is a “must”:

“Hitherto it has been an option for you to deal with the issues of your psyche, your soul and the divisions of the soul and the losing of that soul and the finding of that soul again, the issues of your psychology. We have made this a choice that you may do or not do.

“It is no longer possible for us to say to you, “It does not matter whether you pursue these issues and work and work diligently with the subconscious and the unconscious vessels. It is become of paramount importance, beloved, that you take this up.”

Gautama said some men and women “simply have no heart for digging in and experiencing the pain and the opening up of old wounds.” Yet he said, in order to attain adeptship we can no longer delay the process. We cannot balance sufficient karma to make our ascension if we have unresolved elements in our psychology for they will “snare” and “trap” us just when we are about to receive our diploma for certain achievements. And all of a sudden you are pulled back because the emotional body or the mental body has not attained resolution, balance, equilibrium, purification and therefore, beloved, you are unable to move forward.”

Gautama Buddha warns us not to neglect the most foundational level — “that area of old records, of old stains and complications in the psyche that actually are compromising your path daily.”

He continues:
“Thus I, Gautama, warn you and say sternly to all, it is time to accelerate…
“It is time that you did dig in and that you realize that until you accomplish this, you may make wrong turns in your life. You may enter marriages and get out of marriages. You may waste precious months and years because you have not dealt with the issues. And therefore you are magnetized and polarized to those in the world who also have not dealt with them, and you find yourself entangled once again with karmic levels that you should have long left behind.

“Considering that life and the life span of those evolutions of earth is short and that you can scarcely fulfill a life plan before the body begins to disintegrate, it is absolutely necessary for you to look squarely at this particular issue.

“Thus I say to you, there is not a Hierarch in heaven who will force you to do anything. But I am stating that this is my will and this is my desire for Maitreya, Manjushri, this Mystery School and for yourselves.”
(Gautama Buddha. (1994). Pearls of Wisdom, V37, N22).

Fast from Fanaticism & Wrong Sowing

Gautama Buddha spoke of the need to purge ourselves of fanaticism, wrong sowing and wrong diet as we approach Pentecost:

“To be dogmatic is also a part of fanaticism. To be doctrinaire is also a part of fanaticism. Blessed ones, let us not be rigid. Therefore let us empty ourselves of the fruits of wrong sowing and wrong eating. Let us become the pliable ones. Let us self-empty that we might be filled.

“The Maha Chohan returns on Pentecost, beloved, as a pre-dictation to the July conference. You may prepare for this. Continue your fasting. Continue self-elevating. Continue your building of the building blocks of the body, the mind, the soul; the building blocks that steady the emotions because you are deeply rooted in that soil of the Great Tao.”

Drawing Nigh to the Holy Spirit

It is also beneficial to give the resurrection mantras as found in the Ritual of the Resurrection Flame, PoW Vol. 36, No. 18.

On May 5, 1992, beloved Kuthumi told us the giving of these decrees would form “a magnet in the aura to draw to you even the greatest that the Great law can allow you of that dispensation of the Holy Spirit.”


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