Missing Key to Life? Knowing How to Use Your Words…

Exactly WHAT is the Sacred Word,
the Spoken Word?

Learn about
the power of sacred word as that
energy which begins in your Higher Self –
the presence of God with you.

The Chart of Your Divine Self

also known as the Chart of the Presence
is an illustration of you, and
the flow of energy you receive moment by moment from God.

All of Life – Everyone – Receives God’s Flow of Energy.
You receive it as a continuous stream of energy from
your Higher Self, your God Presence.

Then, by free will choice you choose
what imprint you make on the energy you receive.

Free will is never interfered with by God. One exercise of free will is by choosing how you qualify God’s energy or consciousness.

You command God’s energy
every time you use the spoken word.

This is the spoken Word, spoken with the authority of the I AM name, the name of God.

The term ‘sword’ is used throughout the bible.
It has an inner meaning as well as an outer meaning.
In the new testament we learn the word of God is called the sword of the Spirit. (Eph 6:17).

The true inner meaning of the word sword is

Sacred Word = S-word

– s stands for sacred and word stands for Word.

Our teacher, Elizabeth Clare Prophet
gave this teaching:

“The sharp sword that proceeds out of the mouth of the Faithful and True is the Sacred Word. But this sword can be misused.

The sacred word you use as you qualify God’s Light through your throat chakra either can become
the sword of the Spirit to bring Good into manifestation using dynamic decrees, good words and works, or
it can become a sword of Evil.

The ultimate misuse of the sacred word is:

  • rock music,
  • drugs,
  • sugar,
  • alcohol,
  • nicotine,
  • black magic,
  • witchcraft,
  • Satanism,
  • death worship,
  • lying and murder.
  • It is also the perversion of the sacred fire
  • in perverted sex and
  • in all of the seven chakras.

The ultimate misuse of the sacred word returns as cataclysm.

It is written in scripture,
“All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” (Matt. 26:52; Rev. 13:10). “He who misuses the sacred word shall die through the return karma of that sacred word misused.”

The misuse of the sacred word in all areas of life is more prevalent today than it has been since the days of Atlantis.

End of the teaching given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. (1990). POW, V33N7.

So we learn the true inner meaning of sword:
-s stands for Sacred and
-word stands for Word.

The Sacred Word is key.

This is the missing key of your spiritual path, in your spiritual practice.

Because the process of sealing light in the physical atoms of your body and increasing light on the planet can be accomplished only by the decree of the Word, the spoken word, the sacred word.

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